About Company

The Infused Lights network's goal is to infuse little pieces of light into peoples lives.


Our job is to  help raise the consciousness of the world through our social media network.


Everyday we are sending out quotes, messages, videos and imagery to help millions of people find a better connection to themselves.


You can only change the world by taking the time to know who you are and why you are here.


It is our goal to help you fulfill the highest and truest expression of yourself as a human being.

This is the truth.


There is no real doing in the world, without being first.


Being in your presences, being in your connection to yourself and that which is greater than yourself, is far more more important than what you do, but also is the 'thing' that fuels what you do.


Your life is your greatest teacher. 


Everything that happens to you is trying to take you to your inner self.


What do you do to take care of yourself ?


What do you do to keep yourself centered ?


What do you do to be a better person on earth ?


Honor yourself first.


Stop telling yourself your not good enough.


You just being here IS ENOUGH.


You are one of the lucky ones.


Your life is a miracle.

We intend to bring awareness to real issues by promoting imagery of love, truth and hope.


We can literally change the world if we changed the way we think.


 I AM you and you are me.


Oneness is our goal. 


This can be our generation. This can be our opportunity of real change. Peace on earth. Let’s do more not less. It’s up to us to change it. Even just Acts of Random Kindness can ripple from person to person, creating a massive wave of light consciousness!


I AM building a network to give growth to good people and companies. A massive and collective platform of truth.


Email us, let us help you grow in any ways we can.

Check out my YouTube Videos and website.


I would value your support by infusing.

Many more good things to come.

Thank you

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Lights of the world united as one, re-imaging a dream into reality. A platform for good people to speak truth

All sale profits will go back into promoting more love to the world