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Today I am writing you to thank you. I thank you because I share your mindset and values. In truth, society today is not my dream tomorrow. The television shows, movies, commercials, billboards, and the imagery of most advertising promotes a way of control that captivates our world as a whole by brainwashing people. It makes our loving nature feel isolated and alone. It creates complete fear and limitation of who we truly are as a species.

From the food we intake, the water we drink, what we buy, what we do, how we think, and all that is untrue! The evil imagery released by the rich in power but the poor in spirit keeps the frequency vibration of millions and millions under a  dark spell. A spell that makes you believe you are helpless to be who you truly are. You are conscious. Pure consciousness . You are a creator of your own realm in this physical earth plane of time and space. No one is better than anyone else.

My name is Gregory Jones.

I am head operator for  a process refinery. I AM also an industrial firefighter, hazmat specialist, I AM a Lightworker and most importantly a Father.

I refuse to set a limitation within myself to live in a world controlled by fear any longer and my goal is to re-image the collective consciousness of our people into a world we all dream to live in.

InfusedLights.com stands against this negativity. We stand in love, truth and have hope to build a better tomorrow on a global scale.

My clear intention is to take good people, groups, organizations, small and big companies that want to make the world better, connect and market for them.

I AM going to show the opposite imagery of hate, violence, racism, discrimination, envy, sloth, world hunger and all that is wrong. I believe people need to have the love in their faces on a scale like never before . A scale that breaks this fear base reality for all to know that it is okay to be loving again.

I intend to bring awareness to real issues by promoting imagery of happiness. There will be no protesting, no crying, no fighting, just deeds.


People see how bad the world is but they think that they can’t be part of the solution. So they just go into their houses, close their doors, turn the T.V. on and get brainwashed even more. The word "can’t" is an illusion. If everyone really had the truth in there face everyday, they would stand up too! We can literally change the world if we wanted to. I AM you and you are me. Oneness is our goal. This can be our generation. This can be our opportunity of real change. Peace on earth. Let’s do more not less. It’s up to us to change it. Even just Acts of Random Kindness can ripple from person to person, creating a massive wave of light consciousness!

I AM building a network to give growth to people and companies like you. A massive and collective platform of truth. Email us, let us help you grow in any ways we can.

Check out my YouTube Videos and website.

I would value your support by infusing.

Many more good things to come.

Thank you

Gregory Jones 



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Lights of the world united as one, re-imaging a dream into reality. A platform for good people to speak truth

All sale profits will go back into promoting more love to the world